Buying a Smartphone Online? Here Are What to Look Out For

making an online purchase

Of course, we all have many reasons we buy smartphones, but what do you look out for when shopping for one online?

I’m sure you would agree that for an online purchase, the first thing to consider is…

The Online Store

amazon online store on a smartphone

Everybody wants that aura of security whenever they make a purchase, be it online or offline, the reason why many are still skeptical in making purchases online. If you also are skeptical, then no one should crucify you for it. We understand.

The fact is, inasmuch as there are many trusted websites, there are equally many fraudulent ones in existence today and it is quite unfortunate to know that many still fall victim of these. I’d really hate for that to be you which is why below is a list of trusted online stores you could buy you smartphones from.

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • eBay
  • AT&T
  • Gazelle
  • Apple Store
  • Best Buy
  • TheMarket
  • Catch
  • Fishpond
  • PB Tech
  • The Warehouse

These are definitely a handful compared to the lot of them. Also, depending on the one you decide to go with, proximity might be a thing to consider, if it is a matter of urgency or for any other reason.


Narrowing Down to Your Own Purchase


Having selected a preferred online store, there are still certain important aspects that you need to look out for in a smartphone, should you decide to get one. These are the smartphone features and they are as follows…


The Battery Life

smartphone battery bar reading

I remember when I got my first smartphone. For the first 8 months, I really enjoyed the phone but getting to a year, the phone battery began to flop real bad. It got so bad that I had to get a power bank for the phone. I was literary charging every hour on the hour, till I parted with it. At some point I felt like I was in a bondage, for real.

Quite frankly, I consider this my worst experience with smartphones and I didn’t have to be told when getting my next phone that my first priority before making a choice would be a long-lasting battery.

Granted, smartphones do perform a lot of functionalities owing to their quick battery drainage which is why I wouldn’t settle for anything below 4000mAh. With this I’m guaranteed of charging at least once or twice a day with a good charger and if it comes to worse, perhaps thrice a day.

Your battery is like the fuel you phone needs to serve you better and you simply cannot gamble this particular necessity if you want a good service rendering from other features and apps on the phone.


The storage

Having checked out the battery from my list of requirements, I then move on to the storage. For me, having a big enough storage space is very important. We can’t dispute the fact that for some persons, their phones are like their laptops. Now, if you’re in this category then you simply can’t do without you storage space.

Nothing is too small when it comes to you internal storage. But to be realistic, you wouldn’t want anything below 16GB for an internal storage space, then based on the phones capacity, you could get an external SD card to compliment.


The camera

smartphone RAMNowadays, most smartphones come with good camera specifications, with more focus placed on the rear camera(s) so you might not necessarily be so keen on how top-notch a camera should be as compared to the battery life span or the storage, unless you take much pride in taking selfies, and who doesn’t?

Selfies have become very trendy and every smartphone producer who doesn’t see this is not yet ready to make good sales.

Every body loves taking pictures, well at least most people do, so who wouldn’t want to own a smartphone that can do the job quite effectively and efficiently?



smartphone RAM

Lets be honest now! Smartphones are used for one very important reason – They Are SMART! And so any smartphone short of this feature falls in the “no can’t do” category. Certainly, there must be some criteria to be met before a phone is considered “SMART”.

Still, nobody wants to have a phone that keeps you waiting for minutes and hours before responding. Okay, maybe the “hours” part was an exaggeration, but you get the point, don’t you? This really can be a hopeless situation especially if you have to turn the phone off and on countless times before it responds.

If you ask me, phones are designed to work for you and not the other way around. Thus, to get a very responsive phone, you need to check out the RAM. I’d go for anything shooting upwards from 3GB. It’s really not worth gambling, period!


The Display

Usually, I consider this feature as way more specific and personal to the user. If you are going for a handy smartphone, you wouldn’t want something difficult to hold in you palms now, would you? So we can say it literally depends on the size of you palms.

You would want it to fit in your palms so that you can be flexible with it and also be able to reach all four corners of the screen with ease. But if you can trade off the comfort, then it’s your call.

However, what you shouldn’t trade off is the resolution of the screen. Different screen sizes come with different resolutions. So when selecting a phone, it’s important you go for the best resolution attributed to its screen size.



We could go on and on about other requirements such as the networks supported (5G, 4G, 3G etc), the wireless capabilities, the audio and visual functionalities, apps, the reputation of the manufacturing company etc. Undoubtedly, these are all important features that should be considered too.

However, the above explained are basic requirements you definitely would not want to trade off for any reason. Other requirements are 90% of the time present, or what do you think? Do let us know of any other basic requirement every smartphone worth buying should possess in the comment box.


So, Having Made Your Choice…

There is still one more important thing you need to do – Look at the reviews. This is applicable to every other product you may wish to purchase online.

Reviews are all over the internet and you don’t have to pay to get them, so why not browse a little on the product’s reviews before making your purchase?

“Experience is the best teacher,” but nowadays they are easily shared. Therefore, we don’t have to experience things for ourselves before we learn a thing or two about them.

Whenever I am on the verge of obtaining something online, I take a quick peek at the reviews, the earliest and latest, just to get a more holistic view. At times, I end up getting the product and other times, I don’t. Now, that’s how powerful reviews can be. Read The Reviews!

And that’s all for this post guys. Do anticipate others as they will be coming as soon as possible.

P. S: Remember to let us know of any other basic requirement every smartphone worth buying should possess in the comment box, as well as any relevant topic you would love for us to cover.

But more importantly – Remember to Stay Safe!

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