How To Prevent Your Smartphone From Overheating With 10 Effective Prevention Practices


smartphone overheating

I sometimes wonder, if our phones could speak, what their reactions to the way we use them would be. Would they be proud to have us as owners or would they occasionally go on strike? You be the judge.

But hey, they’re just things we use right? Who cares how we use them or what we do to them. We could smash them all they long for all we care and use them tirelessly from dusk till dawn and no one would ever challenge us, because it’s entirely our business. True indeed.

There is, however, one important factor that bears the brunt when we misuse our smartphones – our savings.

No one ever budgets for a phone malfunction. But you see, for every time we are careless with our phones, it incurs a negative effect and when we cannot manage it, we rush to our savings for some cash to fix the problem. Now,  that’s a bill. If the problem is beyond management, we sometimes would have to buy a new phone. And that’s a bigger bill. At the end of the day, it is what it is.

What if we don’t have to be careless with our phones or ignorant about things we should and shouldn’t do with them? Unless of course we are able to foot the bill at all times and not feel the pinch, I bet we’ll opt for this. Even if we can, I’m sure our funds could be put to better use than buying phones regularly.

There are quite a number of maintenance practices for our phones, however, the following addresses the question; “how to prevent our phones from overheating.”

Let’s have a few read on this, shall we?


Remove your phone case while charging

A lot of people, me inclusive are falters when it comes to this. Normally, the phone heats up when plugged and should in turn dissipate the heat generated accordingly; an act of cooling.

But what happens when an insulating cover is worn around it? The process of heat dissipation is rather hampered, and the result? The phone accumulates excess heat than it should, leading to damage of its interior parts and a low processing speed overtime. This should be avoided at all costs.


Avoid using your phone while charging

This is another flaw in the way we useour smartphones. Countless times have we been tempted to use our phones while it charges and countless have we fallen.

If we realize that our phones heat up while it charges, and that it also heats up while in use, then, why do both the same time? Oh! If only our phones could speak… Not only does the excess heat make our smartphones slow overtime, it can also affect the battery and cause leakages. In simple terms, your battery begins to drain faster. A lot of us have experienced this.


Do not use your phone for lengthy periods

Inasmuch as our phones are meant to serve us most of the time we ought not abuse it. Definitely, long hours spent on our phones are detrimental not just to its health but to ours too as recent studies have shown.

Even slaves require rest from time to time, to serve their masters better. So using your smartphone for a lengthy time and occasionally causes frequent rise in temperature which consequently yields inefficiency of the device.

Learn to keep your phone aside from time to time.


Never leave your phone out in the sun or in hot environments

someone using her phone on a sunny day

You will be doing your phone a great favor if you keep it away from hot environments. During Summer and around equatorial regions we experience a relatively high atmospheric temperature. If outside, it is definitely not a good time to use your phone for so long, except for an emergency.

Use your phones in rooms or areas where the temperature is best controlled.


Never leave your phone locked up in the car

If you really want to keep your phones from heating up then this is definitely one of the precautions to take, especially on a hot day.

Now, because of its highly conductive parts, cars are prone to heat up real quick especially on a hot day, up to twice the temperature of the surrounding. I remember a certain time I kept my phone locked up in a car on a very hot day. I came back about an hour later only to find my phone case shrunk as a result of excess heat in the car.

Later on, I observed that my battery began to drain faster than it used to.

This really can’t be overemphasized and if you occasionally leave your phones in the car, you probably shouldn’t anymore.


Remember to close applications not in use

As long as your smartphone is on, it will always be processing one thing or the other, which means it will most likely generate heat, no matter how little. But this can be controlled to some extent.

The number of apps in use determines the extent of processing, which in turn determines the heat generated. We can therefore infer that closing up unused apps occasionally would reduce the heat generated.

Cooling apps could also be employed occasionally to clear up your RAM and reduce the processing.


Switch off your phone

When you sense the slightest abnormality of heat buildup within the phone, the best thing to do is to switch it off. A good guess would be that the phone might be running too much processing at that moment or it could be as a result of a bad component within the phone. In any case, it’s best to switch it off and turn it on when it has cooled off.

Another option might be to activate the ultra power saving mode, if present. Most phones come with this feature nowadays.

Do not put your smartphone in your refrigerator with the hope that it would cool off. Of course, it will. But at the same time, it is likely that some water vapor would get trapped in the phone and eventually condense into liquid. The rest is history.

Delete miscellaneous files

Ever seen a vehicle overloaded with cargoes too much for it to carry? Imagine how slow and difficult it would be for such vehicle to move.

If your phone is overloaded, that’s a problem. It becomes slow to navigate and you subject it to a lot of work. Lots of work equals lots of processing and too much processing generates too much heat.

Regularly delete miscellaneous files, export them to your external storage or upload them to your Google Drive platform. Give the device some breathing space.


Do not keep your phone in your pocket

Aside the negative effects the accumulation of radio-frequency in the body causes, the heat generated by our body prevents our phones from cooling down properly if place in our pockets. It is better to hold your phones in your hands, and it’s safer too. Better still, put it in your backpack or purse.


Turn off your mobile data

Mobile data shown a smartphone

Nothing drains your battery faster than your mobile data when enabled. And you can bet if it drains your battery, it generates heat since a lot of processing is involved.

When not in use, disable your mobile data to save your phone from unnecessary background processing and heat generation.


In the end…

Longevity should be your goal. We all have a role to play in the health and wellness of our phones. So it’s really up to us if we want to enjoy our phones. But for that to happen it has to be well maintained.

Not until my first smartphone began to have major battery issues, did I realize some cool and fun features about it. I was a bit pained but then again, it is what it is, and life must go on.

In my opinion, there’s nothing wrong for a good phone to stand the test of time and if we want such result then it’s quite simple to achieve. Only remember that – the better we treat our phones the better they serve us. Call that the smartphone golden rule.

What say you? Tell us another prevention practice we can employ to keep our phones from overheating. We look forward to your response.

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