Use of Smartphone & Its Basic Commandments

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The term “smartphone” is said to have been in existence since 1995, but the present-day smartphones, however, have existed for more than a decade now. Even though iconoclasts may beg to differ, most of us love smartphones and appreciate the various problems they help us solve almost every day. Not only are they very easy to operate, they also require no special tutoring or whatsoever to learn.

Notwithstanding, it is one thing to know how to operate a smartphone but another to operate it well, can we really say that we use our smartphones properly? To start with, how many times do we go through our smartphone’s manual when we buy them? I bet not all the time. But we should, even though we are familiar with them already. Depending on the type of smartphone, the manual, also known as the manufacturer’s guide, offers detailed directives on its use.

Certainly, the proper use of smartphone is a guarantee for effective and efficient usage, not only for the longevity of the smartphone, but also, for good health and safety of the user as well.

Below encompasses the common Do’s and Don’ts of smartphones, I prefer to call them – The Basic Commandments!

Thou Shall Read Thy Smartphone’s Manual Before Using it

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The importance of reading any manual before using the device it comes with cannot be overemphasized. Therein the manual lies the manufacturer’s guide on how to safely use the device effectively and efficiently.

The fact that you read one phone’s manual doesn’t necessarily mean you should apply the same knowledge to the next phone you buy. In fact, the chances of two different manuals having exactly the same instructions is very rare, unless of course they are exactly the same device and from the same manufacturer.

So the next time you get a smartphone, READ THE MANUAL.

Thou Shall Not Use Thy Smartphone in the Dark

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Researches have shown that the blue light which emanates from Smartphones, Televisions and Tablets are dangerous to the human eyes. Apart from damaging our vision, the blue light also causes harmful molecules to generate in the light-senstive cells of our eyes. This can result in an eye disease known as Macular Degeneration among others.

Preinstalled in some recent smartphones is an eye-care app that filters the blue light from our phones, enabling them to be used in the dark. This is a good advancement, however, I wouldn’t bet my sight on an app as no such system (or app in this case) is 100% efficient and effective.

So we are still better off when such activities on our phones can be suspended throughout the night until morning.

Remember to Charge Thy Smartphone Before it Loses Power

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I, for one think the battery of any smartphone is one of the most, if not the most important part of the phone. This is logical and easy to accept since all other functionalities of the smartphone depends on a sound battery. If that is the case, then it means that we need to take good care of our batteries to enjoy our smartphones.

First and foremost, it isn’t wise to allow our smartphone’s battery drain completely before we charge it up. If this happens continuously, it tends to diminish the battery’s lifespan.

On the flip side, it isn’t any better, if we subject our phone’s batteries to long hours of charging, even when the battery is completely charged. This causes the phone to overheat and can lead to internal damages.

Avoid charging always and while asleep. Avoid using your phone while charging as it reduces the battery’s lifespan. It is also advised to take off the phone’s case while charging in order to reduce the internal heat. Avoid making or receiving calls while charging your phone, it can lead to electrocution.

Thou Shall Not Put Thy Smartphone in Thy Pocket

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It is no longer news that phones exude radio frequency in form of radiation invisible to the eyes. Some researchers have come out to say that these radiations when near to the human body can cause irregularities pertaining to the Heart Rate Variability (HRV) especially if kept in the breast pocket. This radiation is not harmful per se, but when accumulated in the body, it can cause serious health complications. It is therefore advised to keep phones away from the body.

“What about the pockets on our trousers, pants or shorts?” – one might ask. It is even more detrimental as these radiations affects both male and female reproductive organs which might result into infertility.

Hence, it’s best to hold your phones in your hands or keep it in a bag pack. Remember, your smartphones are important, but not more important than your health.

Remember to Use Thy Earphones to Make & Answer Calls

Someone answering a call with an earphone

In trying to keep our phones away from our body, it is essential to use everything at our disposal. One way to a to achieve this is to use earphones to answer calls regularly. This might be difficult to get used to as most of us are in the habit of placing our phones on our temple to answer or make phone calls. Another way is to get around this is to place the call on speaker, that way we don’t get tempted to place it on our ears.

While studies have linked brain tumors in the past to frequent use of the phone, it is no longer a question if the radio waves emitted from the phone can lead to irregularities of the brain. Though some studies say the human skull can prevent the permeation of these radiations, it is however in our best interest to play.

Withdraw From Thy Phones From Time to Time

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Prolonged hours spent on our phones has a lot of negative effects both physically and psychologists. Our phones, tablets, computers when used for a long period have been proven to induce stress, fatigue, eye pain and headaches.

Psychologists have also shown that young people who suffer from depression and loneliness is due to prolonged hours spent on their smartphones. Of course, this goes to say that too much time spent on our smartphones can result in depressive and loneliness symptoms. Go for a walk, explore your surroundings, visit someone or do something fun. But don’t spend so much time with your phone at all times.

Thus, it is healthier to spend less time with our smartphones and more time with real people physically.

And What Have You…

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In general, there are a lot of things we should and shouldn’t do with our smartphones for both our safety and the longevity of our smartphones. So, what other commandment do you feel should be added to our list? Feel free to add your thoughts in the comment box.

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